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What Is the Best Way to Quit Smoking with E Cigarettes?

Ever since Cyclone Pods was founded, we have been supporters of anyone trying to quit smoking for good. We understand that it can be an incredibly difficult process, but we also know that it is worth the effort in the long term every time. In all of our experience in this industry, we have found some tips you might want to hear to help you find the best way to quit smoking with e cigarettes.

Start With Disposable Vape Pens

The best way to quit smoking with e cigarettes is to test the waters with disposable options first. Before you dive right in and commit to a new vape setup to help you quit smoking, you might want to start slow by vaping with disposable vape pens. In the past, we have found this to be pretty helpful for a lot of people just getting started with any kind of electronic cigarette. People who are not used to vaping with any kind of device might find it to be the most helpful if they started with disposable vape pens and then moved on to rechargeable vape pens from there. It is a good way to get introduced to vaping in a way that has very little commitment to it. You get to see what it is like and how you feel about it.

You can pick out a few flavors that sound appealing to you and begin using those for a while until you feel like you are fully familiar with the experience of vaping. For one thing, unlike smoking, vaping gives you a wide range of diverse flavors to choose from. For many, this is one of the major highlights of vaping overall. You get to try out fun, exciting flavors that you never got to experience this way before. The closest you would normally get to it is consuming candy or beverages flavored similarly. Consider this a perk of vaping and get yourself excited to try out lots of new flavors with your disposable vape pens.

Use Nicotine-Free Vape Pens

Once you have already tried out enough disposable vape pens to get an idea of what it is like to vape regularly, you can move forward and choose the type of vape pen and liquid you want. At this point, you will want to purchase only nicotine-free vape liquid. Vaping without nicotine is probably the best way to quit smoking with e cigarettes in all honesty. Since nicotine is so common in vape juice, many do not even know that they can purchase vape juice without it.

This is great because it helps you to avoid worsening your existing nicotine addiction from regular cigarettes. Nicotine is highly addictive and quickly becomes a concern when consumed regularly. Rather than switching from one addiction to another, you want to quit it altogether. This is why we are so proud of our vape juice formula at Cyclone Pods. We offer nicotine-free vape juice that delivers on the flavor without running the risk of forming an addiction. We do not want people to feel like they have to use our products but to use them because they simply enjoy it. Without a doubt, the best way to quit smoking with e cigarettes is to sidestep nicotine altogether and enjoy a great vape juice without it.

Alternate With Cigarettes

With your e cigarette in hand, you can slowly pull yourself away from regular cigarettes over time. To do this, you just have to replace some of your smoke breaks with vaping and alternate that way until you feel less attached to your cigarette. It will certainly be difficult at first, but with enough commitment and the right tools at your disposal, you should be able to slowly break away from the hold that nicotine addiction has on you. This method of quitting cigarettes works for many people because it is gradual and allows a grace period during which you still smoke but are making a concerted effort to do so less often. This could potentially increase your chances of quitting successfully.

Replace Cigarettes Entirely

Although many find quitting cold turkey is too challenging for them, others find it is exactly what they need. If you know that this is how you are, then you will definitely want to face nicotine withdrawal head-on and knock it out of your life as soon as possible. Rather than quitting slowly over time, remove all cigarettes from your life and start using a vaping device to fill the space left behind. Eventually, the desire to smoke will be far off in the past.

Now is the best time to get started on your journey to quitting smoking once and for all. If you were looking for the best way to quit smoking with e cigarettes, then these are all great points you want to consider applying in your own life. Once you are ready to start vaping with disposable or rechargeable vape pens, you already know that Cyclone Pods is on your side.

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